Why Faith in Action Ministries? (F.I.A.M)
Why we started Faith in Action ministries?
Faith in action ministries (F.I.A.M), a Christian based, Non- governmental organization saw its’ beginnings as a vision in the mind of its founder. “I saw myself and others, an army for that matter, marching forward on the path of righteousness, doing God’s bidding. We were marching out of the darkness into the light, it was a phenomenal vision to behold. My soul had been stirred, and I knew there and then God had spoken.”
Indeed, to whom much is given much is expected! In a time when the dark clouds of senseless murders, delinquency, theft, unemployment, broken homes, abuse, neglect, and illiteracy loomed over our nation, it was time to put our Faith into Action. It was time to move our communities, if necessary, out of the darkness into the light. It was time to reject the norm of speaking negativity and condemnation into the lives of our young people, but rather be a positive force. Not only to remind them that they are created with a purpose but to be sturdy support during this metamorphosis. With God at the helm, the support of family, good friends and the kindness of volunteers, that vision has since evolved into a movement, transforming hearts and minds through various forms of worship and activity.